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Evaluatie van het vormingspakket: ‘Jonge adolescenten, reclame, (merk)consumptie en welzijn.'

The Effectiveness of a Set of Serious Mini-Games on Advertising Literacy as Educational Tool for Adolescents to Enhance Their Critical Reflection on Digital Advertising

Abstract - Levelling Up Children’s Advertising Literacy! Investigating the Affective, Motivational and Learning Outcomes of Playing a Digital Game for Learning Aimed at Improving Children’s Advertising Literacy

Abstract - Involving Parents in Advertising Literacy Education: A Must or a Maybe?

Rapport - Bekendheid van AdLit bij adverteerders en hun perceptie over reclame gericht naar kinderen en tieners Een vervolgstudie

Abstract - How an Advertising Disclosure Alerts Young Adolescents to Sponsored Vlogs: The Moderating Role of a Peer-based Advertising Literacy Intervention through an Informational Vlog

Abstract - ‘You talking to me?’ The influence of peer communication on adolescents’ persuasion knowledge and attitude towards social advertisements

Abstract - Advertisers’ perceptions regarding the ethical appropriateness of new advertising formats aimed at minors

Abstract - The impact of regulatory focus on adolescents’ evaluation of targeted advertising on social networking sites


Abstract - Targeting children with personalised advertising: How to reconcile the (best) interests of children and advertisers

Abstract - Do you like cookies? Adolescents' skeptical processing of retargeted Facebook-ads and the moderating role of privacy concern and a textual debriefing

Promoting adolescents' moral advertising literacy in secondary education

Poster: From persuasive message to tactics: exploring children’s knowledge and judgement of new advertising formats

Abstract - Reclame en nieuwe media: vind ik (niet) leuk - juridische stand van zaken

Abstract - Platforms and Commercial Communications aimed at Minors: playground under legislative reform?

Abstract - Using Games to Raise Awareness: how to Co-design Serious Mini-games?

Abstract - Co-creating advertising literacy awareness campaigns for minors

Abstract - Disclosing Brand Placement to Young Children

Introduction - Needs, Opportunities and Challenges for a Critical Advertising Pedagogy

Abstract - Adolescents, Facebook-ads and the moderating role of privacy concern


Abstract - Conducting International Consumer Research with Children: Challenges and Potential Solutions

Abstract - A Children’s Rights Perspective on Self-Regulation of New Advertising Formats

Poster: Commercial communication and children: (self-)regulatory framework

Poster: Parents, children and advertising

Poster: How advertising literate are children?

Poster: Cocreating advertising literacy awareness with children, teenagers and professionals

Poster: An intervention study to enhance adolescents' advertising literacy

Poster: The influence of peer chatting on advertising literacy and attitudes towards social advertising

Poster: Advertising literacy and vulnerable young audiences

Ad-Blocking - The Dark Side of Consumer Empowerment: A New Hope or Will the Empire Strike Back?

Toying with children's emotions, the new game in town? The legality of advergames in the EU

Children's advertising literacy from a methodological point of view

Improving Adolescents’ Advertising Literacy Through Education


Why to study children's views on advertising ethics

Children’s Processing of New Advertising Formats

Playing hide-and-seek?

Online reclamewijsheid bij kinderen

Brand placement effectiveness and the moderating impact of parental mediation

The ethics of advertising? Let the disadvantaged children speak for themselves

Herkennen en begrijpen van (niet) complexe en (in)congruente banners door kinderen en de rol van need for cognition en reclamewijsheidslessen

Children’s Advertising Literacy in a New Media Environment: An Introduction to the AdLit Research Project

A legal perspective on the complex distinction between commercial and editorial content in hybrid advertising formats